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Community Projects - Healthy Living Through Art

Mandala Art is proud to provide philanthropic, professional and artistic support to a number of Australian charities; including the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), the Cancer Council Victoria, and beyondblue. In collaboration with these organisations, Mandala Art has created a series of Healthy Living Through Art community initiatives that reflect the importance of artistic creativity to health and wellbeing.

Working closely with the BCNA on their Pink Lady campaigns for a number of years now, Mandala Art is committed to raising awareness of breast cancer, using community art projects to generate conversation in the local community. In conjunction with Bakers Delight and Bunnings Warehouse, BCNA and Mandala Art have spread their shared message of healthy living through art; promoting total care for those with breast cancer, raising donations and creating works of mosaic art in the BCNA’s signature pink colour.

Mandala Art has also partnered with the Cancer Council Victoria, creating mosaic art installations for public display during the annual Daffodil Day campaign. Sharing the key messages of Healthy Living Through Art, Mandala Art has created opportunities for the wider community to express messages of hope to Australians suffering from cancer; highlighting the importance of art and outdoor living in coping with illness.

Mandala Art’s Healthy Living Through Art program has also extended support to beyondblue; through interactive community initiatives that promote awareness of depression and anxiety issues, encouraging recovery, management and resilience through artistic creativity. Designed to bring all parts of the community together in support of those suffering from mental illness, Mandala Art’s community projects inspire self-worth and healing through art and healthy living.

Beyond contributing to Australian organisations, Mandala Art also works with international aid agencies to support the global community; particularly, the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) who work to provide care and education to orphaned refugee Tibetan children in Dharamsala, India. Through raising monetary donations and fostering awareness in Australia of TCV’s tireless work, Mandala Art has been able to provide the long-standing charity with much-needed support

Though dedicated ongoing efforts, Mandala Art strives to promote healthy living through art; passionately giving back to the community and raising much-needed awareness for local and international care organisations.

If you are a charity seeking support and want to know what we can do for you, please contact us by email at

The links provided below will direct you to the Community Projects we’ve completed so far.