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MANDALA ART Villa Maria age care project

With local grant assistance, Mandala Art held an 8-week mosaic workshop with the residents of the Villa Maria aged care facility in Prahran as part of the Healthy Living Through Art program. Working together, Mandala Art and the elderly residents produced a beautiful piece of mosaic art that now features proudly in the garden at Villa Maria.

In addition to creating a colourful work of art for everyone at the facility to enjoy, the project also provided an invaluable opportunity for the residents to explore their creativity, happiness and wellbeing; the keystones of Mandala Arts Healthy Living Through Art.

Elderly participants demonstrated significant improvements in fine motor skills, as well as increased capacity in short term memory triggered by artistic stimulation. The calming, shared environment provides the chance to socialise; leading to mindfulness, behavioural improvements and relaxation through the joyful repetitive processes of creating mosaic art.
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