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Mandala Art Production House is committed to the creation, exhibition and sale of fine art based in a variety of mediums; encompassing design, styling and custom pieces of art.

Since its establishment, Mandala Art Production House has embraced a diversity of media and styles – from mosaic, sculpture and airbrushing to illustration and painting; from photography to fashion styling and design; extending to installation and conceptually based works.

Comprised of a small team of Australian artists, Mandala Art Production House is led by owner, director and principal artist Jay Petruccelli. With over twenty years’ experience as an artist and designer, Jay has extensive experience managing production houses. He has also worked closely with leading Australian brands including Fox Studios, the Australian Theatre Company and Crown Casino; providing consultancy, design advice and original artworks.

Whether for corporate or private interests, Mandala Art Production House presents a diverse offering to the art world; works designed to inspire, to reflect the buyer’s personality and sense of creativity, and to acquire as smart investments that will gain value over time.

Each piece – from framed photograph to mosaic installation – is designed for individuals and organisations who desire unique creative features, whether for architectural, corporate, home, or gallery settings. 

All works are made to order, with designs developed together with the client according to their inner vision; Jay’s process takes into account the colours, style, environment and theme that would best suit individual needs, allowing something truly unique to take shape. 

“We work closely with our clients to understand their every creative need – every piece of art we produce is a collaboration of their vision and our touch”
- Jay Petruccelli

Mandala Art also provides specialised art consultancy services for both individuals and corporations. Jay and his staff can advise on all aspects of establishing and maintaining an interesting and rewarding art collection, regardless of size or budget. Jay is happy to arrange on-site consultations to assist with the best selection and placement of works.

For further information, consultation or to discuss projects – please don’t hesitate to contact Mandala Art Production House.

Commissioned Mosaic bird baths
Commissioned yellow mosaic bench for the Cancer council under the mandala arts healthy living through art banner
Commissioned work for the cancer council for daffodil day.
1.5m x 1.5m glass mosaic hollywood portraits
1.5m x 1.5m Marilyn monroe glass mosaic hollywood portrait
1.5m x 1.5m Humphrey bogart glass mosaic hollywood portrait
Glass mosaic Cello
Commissioned Pink mosaic bench for pink lady under the mandala arts healthy living through art banner
seasonal mosaic contracts for corporate client
Mosaic designed shoes for fashion styling shoot.
Arts grant to produce a Blue mosaic bench for Beyond blue with year 9 students and forrest hill aged care centres. Done once again under Mandala arts healthy living through art Banner
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