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Millefiori Christmas Balls

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You Will Need

  1. A Christmas ball, preferably with glitter on it so the millefiori pieces won’t slide off as you are sticking them down.
  2. 1-2 packets of Mandala Art Millefiori (Available in the craft aisle at Bunnings Warehouse)
  3. Mandala Art Clear Acrylic Glue (Available in the craft aisle at Bunnings Warehouse)
  4. A piece of ribbon, approximately 20cm, to hang your decorated millefiori ball on your tree.



Place the Christmas ball onto a small cup or jar so it won’t move around while you are doing the project. Start to apply glue to the back of each millefiori piece, then stick to the top side of the Christmas ball. Only stick a few pieces down at a time in the beginning as the further around the ball you go the more likely that the pieces will slide off. Allow the glue to semi set for 20 minutes before turning slightly and continuing to



Rotate the ball around slightly and glue a few more pieces down. Keep repeating the process until you have covered half the
Christmas ball with the millefiori. You will find that when you get half way you will be able to stick more pieces down at once
because you can rest them on the pieces underneath and work your way to the top. Allow to fully dry



Thread the ribbon through the top of your Christmas ball and tie a big Christmas bow in it.



Enjoy your Mandala Art Millefiori Christmas Ball and HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Why not share the joy and make one as a gift for family and friends.

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